Rusty metal material – vray blend


In the following tutorial we will create an advanced rusty metal shader. Although the tutorial makes use of vray renderer’s vray blend material, you can also use shellac material if you are not a vray user.

  1. Create a vray blend material, and in the base material slot create basic blue metal material with the following settings:

-diffuse color 47, 50, 119

-reflect color 40, 40, 40

-refl. Glossiness .7

-subdivisions 15

-BRDF – ward

            -bump map – noise (adjust the tilling and the size according to your needs).

At this point, the material should look like the one in the rendering bellow.

  1. Now, let’s create a rust material. In the first slot of the coat materials, create a vray material with the following specs.

-diffuse – a rusty metal texture

-reflection color – 10, 10, 10

-refl. Glossiness – .65

-subdivisions 15

-bump – a bump map similar to the one bellow.

If you do a test rendering at this point, you should end up with something similar to the one bellow.

  1. The 2 materials now blend in a uniform manner. However this is not the look we are after. We need to control the way the rust appears on the object. Fortunately that can be done very easily with a mask map next to the coat material slot.

This is what I have used as a “blending mask”:

For maximum control, you will have to unwrap the 3d model; this way you can control exactly where the rust will appear.

After having done all of the above your final result should look similar to the one bellow.

You can enhance the shader even more by painting separate reflection and glossiness maps for both materials, but must of the times this should be more than enough.



  1. aleyram says:

    Thank you for sharing, I found very useful…

  2. blenderboy says:

    Nice Tutorial! Very cool Material.
    I wish me more of this, maybe with .blend-Files to learn. At the Moment i use primary intern Blender-Render. But in Future it will be not supportet.
    VRay is the best!

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