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Hi guys,
Hopefully, in the following weeks I will have a little more spare time that I intend spend writing some new tutorials.
Bellow is a small list with what I intend to write about. I am hoping that you can come up with some more suggestions, so if you have any ideas feel free to post a comment.

Rendering liquids
Rendering wet materials
vray sss
How to setup a daylight interior illumination
Post processing an image from raw render to final output

I look forward to reading your suggestions.

Best regards,

  1. pep says:

    I would like something about your last line “Post processing…” (photoshop blendings modes i supose…etc)

    thank you very much….as always!!

  2. Annie says:

    I agree, post processing should be very interesting.

  3. Luis says:

    My vote: liquids or wet materials.

  4. Vincent says:

    Wet materials would be great!

  5. Aron says:

    From the list above, I very much look forward to see the wet materials tutorial.
    I would also like to suggest a tutorial on how to create snow on trees, cars, handrails, etc.

    Thank you very much!

  6. jackieteh says:

    Could i choose all ???

  7. Thanks for the input guys!
    @jackie – actually I will try to cover all the subjects that I have mentioned above. I just wanted to see if you have more ideas besides those ones :)

    @Aron – Thanks for the suggestion. I will add that one too.

  8. jackieteh says:

    oic..try write some how to do good and fast texture tutorial if you got time, cos some of my friend keep on telling me that my texturing skills is not enough,thank you.

  9. I have already written a tutorial on how to apply the texture correctly here:

    If you are suggesting a tutorial on how to literally paint the texture, than I’m afraid that’s going to be difficult, because it is almost never a standard workflow.


  10. jackieteh says:

    yes, i read that article and learn a lot from it, but i hope to know more about unwarp uvw mapping, how to make bump bitmap and specular bitmap from the image or photo we download from internet and etc….hmmm…whatever can help to make my 3d look realistic…i hope you understand my poor english…hehehe

    bytheway i am dowloading the vray wet material zip file now,thank you very much mr Alex

  11. wardz says:

    we could use all them!!!hahaha..anything for is useful!!thanks you very much..

  12. max says:

    thanks for sharing your good knowledge
    i have some suggestion for new tutorial
    1) glass building with reflection http://www.fallingpixel.com/building-379-3d-model/15629
    2) reflection in post production
    3) towers in the night
    5) postpruduction using photoshop
    6 patterns
    7 traslucent material http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_PINckEKYZr0/SQWP39d7zZI/AAAAAAAAAAc/1aC-ScdRa4A/s400/beijing_watercube.jpg

    thanks a lot

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