Is Turbosquid lowering the royalty to 40%?

Many 3d artists, including myself make an extra buck by selling 3d models on sites like turbosquid, so you may already be are aware of the fact that turbosquid keeps 50% of everything you sell. If you also take into consideration the fact that your remaining share is subject to a tax (10% – 30%) for vendors outside US, you realize that you end up with pocket change.

But things seem to go even worse…

Some days ago I received a newsletter from the admin at, in which he stated that he had been approached by several members that sell models on both TS and his site. These people told him that members from the turbosquid stuff had tried to convince them to sell their models exclusively on turbosquid, in return for higher royality rate of 60%. The bad news is that they were also told that everybody that chooses not to sell 3d exclusively will have the royalty rate reduced to 40%. (Actually he hasn’t specifically named the site, but it was more than obvious that he was talking about turbosquid)
At this royalty rate, if you sell a 50 dollars product, and if you are subject to a 30% tax of what’s left, you end up with 14 dollars (not to mention the bank transfer or paypal withdrawals commissions).
On the other hand, the3dstudio already offers a 60% royalty and promises to give a much higher percent to anyone who decides to go exclusive with them.

From the buyer’s point of view, I believe that TS will become less interesting, due to the fact that most sellers will raise the prices of their products after this.
Already the difference between the prices of similar products on these 2 sites is noticeable, but if this royalty change isn’t just a rumor I’m sure the difference will become much more than noticeable.

I’ve also heard from top sellers (people with more than 1000 products in their inventory) that if this is true they will remove all their models from turbosquid. So far the only reason why turbosquid is ahead of the3dstudio is because of larger inventory, but I guess this can change as well.

Since TS hasn’t given any official response to this yet, we will all have to wait and see.

What about you? Are you selling items on one of these sites? I’m curios to hear about your experiences.

  1. jackieteh says:

    as i am living in Malaysia, so can i sell my model on TS and The3Dstudio??

    Is that any enquirment to reach if i want to sell my model??

  2. Hello jackie,

    There is no requirement. You can sell 3d models on plenty of sites. Depending on where you live, you will be payed with either paypal, check or bank transfer.

    The sad part is that you are left with almost nothing after these sites take their share, and after the tax you are subject to (if the buyers are from the US).

  3. jackieteh says:

    Thank you for your reply, Mr Alex.
    btw i am living in Malaysia.

  4. IMO: 3D community is growing up strongly, I think that everyday 3d sources will be easiest to find and get. If the biggest providers (as TS) are going to make this more expensive, then, they will not be competitive anymore… I always said: Look to Google, everything is free and they are the kings. I would prefer to sell my models in other places with open policies.

  5. It’s a shame what they are doing to their authors/sellers, the same sellers who keep them in business!

    At, we’ve gone one step further and if you sign up now with us yo will be guaranteed our 60% royalty rate for life. It will NEVER be lowered on your account! That is my PERSONAL guarantee to you.

    Anyone in any country can sell at and we actually value you as our member!


  6. Just came back from a short holiday and saw that it became official (although I hadn’t doubted it for a minute).
    Not only that, but in order to be eligible for a 60% royalty rate at turbosquid you should have a lifetime sales above 10k usd.

    Thanks Anne and Matt for commenting here.
    Bye the way Matt, I suspect that by “forcing” users to become exclusive, Turbosquid actually intended to drive you and Falling Pixel out of business. If they were a bit smarter they may actually have had a chance.

    Best regards,

  7. Duchamp Models says:

    3d sellers are gathering on a free forum to discuss these issues:

    let’s join us on
    (or at least give a peek…)

  8. Thanks for the invite! I will definitely read the opinions expressed there and if I feel that I have something to add to the conversation, I will step in.

  9. Plutonius says:

    I have already raised my prices on the products that I sell on Turbosquid. I, personally, feel as though a knife has been forced into my back by a man in a squid costume.

    The price void between Turbosquid and other 3d marketplaces is beginning to expand.

  10. Hello Plutonius,

    Believe me, I feel exactly the same way.

    By the way, glad to see you here :)

  11. TheCore says:

    Life is hard, and funny :)
    I had a 70% royalty at the3dstudio, but it was cut off to 60%.
    Then Turbosquid got some water on the mill too, and cuts off my 50% to awesom 40%. I’m really inspired now – to get a 3 year old project up and going a little earlier than planned. In the mean time I just took down all my assets from both sites. An know artist named Zydroid pulled down close to 3000 assets from TS. That hurts, even for TS.

  12. Thanks for commenting and for visiting.
    Life is a roller coaster no matter what domain you work in :)

  13. rs3 says:

    Even the best money managers only take 2/20. That is, 2% upfront and 20% of gains (cashed in gains, not paper gains).
    There is nothing TS offers that can justify their huge 60% take.

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