The 3D Nightmare Experience

As some of you may know I have been a fan of for many years. Besides running we have been selling our models there (and on other marketplaces) as well and things were running smoothly.

The sales

When T3DS was sold to 3DSystems, things started to go in the wrong direction.  Sales kept getting lower and lower and nowadays they reached a ridiculous level. One could argue that the competition is higher now than back than or that our models are getting old and have reached their “end”. This is definitely not the case since sales on other sites like Turbosquid or CreativeCrash are getting higher and higher every month.

When confronted with this issue, Matt Anderson explained that after the transaction was made, they stopped the funding for advertising for a limited period of time until their “mother company” understood better what they are selling and how to advertise it. Does this make sense to you? To me and many others, it doesn’t. Time has passed, and sales are far from being back on track… quite the opposite actually.

I forgot to mention the fact that even if the company was sold to 3D Systems, Matt Anderson and his family are still running the day to day operations.

The attitude towards sellers and sales that simply disappear from stats without any notice

As if the sales disaster was not enough, the attitude of Matt Anderson towards sellers has changed dramatically. The Matt I thought I knew was very friendly and kind and always willing to help. My first encounter with “the new Matt” was last year when I had my first sale disappear from my dashboard. The sale showed in my stats for about an hour or so and that it suddenly disappeared. No support ticket, no email notification, nothing. When I sent Matt an email asking for an explanation as to why that happened, I received this answer:

"Hi Alex,
That can happen when an order comes in that we do not approve (meaning, it might fail our fraud checks). So it may popup for a short time before we cancel the order out (and before the customer is allowed to download anything). It’s all part of our anti-fraud systems where we do not allow orders that we cannot confirm to be downloaded.

Thank you,
Matt Anderson"

This does not match his statement made in his last comment on Prostbyte's blog, where he clearly states that a sale appears in the reports ONLY after a product is downloaded :

After this I started to become suspicious. The sales were getting lower and lower, while the cart count was at a normal level.

Last week I had another sale which disappeared from my stats, again without any notification whatsoever.

I opened a support ticket and I got this reply:

"It was this model… … uct=456178

The model didn't work correctly in the OBJ and FBX formats which are missing some materials and textures (only the geometry of the OBJ would import into Cinema 4D) and (at least in OBJ and FBX formats) the room is not included.

We have since updated the description so that future customers won't have such issues. Please be sure to always check all exports you make and to list anything they may lack when compared to the preview images."

To make it clear, I DID NOT offer a cinema 4D format. I checked the obj file, imported it in max and it worked PERFECTLY!
In my opinion, support should have checked the integrity of the obj file first before taking my money away.

After confronting Matt again with this, he focused more on the fact that the room wasn't there. As you can see there are 2 walls, a ceiling and a floor all of them BLURRED. Anyway, if I had received an email asking for this I would have had sent it in 2 minutes.

Although I don’t agree with the reason for the return, my main problem is with the fact that I was not notified. When a sale simply disappears I feel robbed. Matt’s explanation with regards to this issue is simply outrageous:

“We don't waste our time or yours with a return that is covered by our money back guarantee if there is no chance we can save the sale”


I reminded Matt about the other time when the sale disappeared without any notice, and argued that since this happened at least twice (in my case) and in none of the case I haven't received an email I am entitled to assume that it might have happened several other times judging by the ridiculously low sales I have been getting there for an year or so.

At this point the conversation took another tone and Matt told me that he doesn't have to listen to false accusations or to take any abuse from me. He threatened that if I don't change my attitude he won't even reply to my support tickets anymore. That is nothing like the Matt I thought I knew.

Just to make it clear, I was very civil in my conversation, no bad words at all. It seems to me that I am the one on the receiving end of the abuse.

Although I have done a lot to help over the years (according to the stats I have referred almost 1500 members), nowadays I wouldn’t advise anyone to work with them unless you are in a desperate need of a heart attack.

In my next post on this topic I will try to make an analysis on how the site “evolved” in comparison to its competitors.  

P.S. In all fairness, I had another incident some time ago, when a client contacted me for some additional work on a collection he claimed to have purchased from As that collection didn't sell at all there, I contacted Matt and told him that the sale for that specific product was not registered. He then asked me for the client's contact details which triggered my bells. I am no programmer but I would have thought he could have checked the data base to see if a specific product was sold and my account was not credited.
As it turned out the client had bought the product from TS and he didn't realize it. Of course I have apologized for that… but taking into consideration the fact that that collection was exactly the one that disappeared from the stats last year I think my reaction was understandable.

  1. Tracy says:

    Hi Alex,

    I’m so sorry to hear this is happening to you. Unfortunately it’s par for the course when dealing with Matt – you should try being related to him.

    I just wanted to note a few exceptions to your post…

    “I forgot to mention the fact that even if the company was sold to 3D Systems, Matt Anderson and his family are still running the day to day operations.”

    Technically not completely true. T3DS once comprised of 4 full-time employees. Matt, our mom, Lisa and my husband and I (I am Matt’s sister). There are now 2 full-time employees. Matt and his mom. His wife works for T3DS on part-time basis. Matt had some control issues with me in his personal life (having nothing to do with work) and he then made it is mission in life to have my position (and my husband’s just for fun!) terminated. He succeeded. Matt is now a puppet of 3D Systems and as far as I can tell (as an outsider) the marketing of, advertising of and selling of 3d models does not seem to have much value to them.

    and this…
    “At this point the conversation took another tone and Matt told me that he doesn’t have to listen to false accusations or to take any abuse from me. He threatened that if I don’t change my attitude he won’t even reply to my support tickets anymore. That is nothing like the Matt I thought I knew.”

    This is exactly the Matt you should get to know. That’s how he replies to many issues. He even ended most of his emails to me with the same sentiment. Matt is not exactly a team player. ;)

    Good luck.


  2. Hello Tracy,

    Thank you very much for taking the time to comment. I am really sorry to hear about your situation, I obviously wasn’t aware of it. If Matt turned on his own family members who helped him so much over the years then I shouldn’t be surprised about the way he is treating the rest of us.

    I can’t believe I was so fooled by his nice guy attitude that he had been previously faking.

  3. Susan says:

    I am absolutely shocked. Not only about what happened with your sales and Matt’s attitude, but also about how he treats his own family members. Unbelievable. Thank you Tracy for posting and letting us know how the real Matt is. Also, for confirming what a lot of us suspected: i.e. selling our models is not a priority for him anymore. When the company was sold I was not happy and apparently my misgivings were correct.

    I am so sorry now that I signed that loyalty agreement at T3DS.

  4. Pumper says:

    It’s sad to see T3DS going downhill in both sales numbers and the attitude toward sellers, but, to be honest, I was expecting something like that to happen as soon as Matt announced that they have sold out to 3DSystems.

    The reason for my concerns was the fact that after TS bought FP and E3D, Matt A. was at war with Matt W. (TS) claiming that he would never sell his company as it was and will be a family business – which was clearly a big fat lie, just like (can be found on, i.e.:
    - the artists come first,
    - we love what we do, we don’t do it for our paycheck like an employee does (I guess that’s different now, right Tracy?),
    - everyone here would work without a pay check if that’s what it took,
    - I make mistakes but I am getting better to avoid them, especially if they impact the artists,
    - it shows why our customer service is so good, etc.

    Having the current situation in mind, I could now apply Matt’s own quotes towards TS over to T3DS, i.e.:
    - the empire of assery,
    - dying off of the once mighty squid(t3ds),
    - squid(t3ds) doesn’t know how to run their business when they have competitors,
    - if you don’t like crap like this then leave (too bad we signed MLP),
    - stop getting pushed around by the big bully,
    - stop playing the artists for fools, etc.

    As for the MLP specifically, it’s a shame there was no clause of commitment by T3DS to sell our products or we could leave the program (i.e. after 2 empty months). But I doubt we can do anything about it now – not that I would join SQ or anything as I will try to support CGTrader as much as I can. The only reason to get out of the MLP and even leave T3DS completely would be if Matt is screwing with our sales stats (i.e. claiming that the customer was not satisfied with the purchased model and taking our share of the sale for himself (hey, if he turned against his own family, who’s to say he can’t turn against us, right?) as we, the artists, have no way to see that kind of information – except for the tens of carts per sale).

  5. Thanks for your input guys!

    “The only reason to get out of the MLP and even leave T3DS completely would be if Matt is screwing with our sales stats (i.e. claiming that the customer was not satisfied with the purchased model and taking our share of the sale for himself (hey, if he turned against his own family, who’s to say he can’t turn against us, right?)”

    If somebody can prove that he sold a model through t3ds and his account wasn’t credited accordingly, not only the MLP would be history but those who run the site may face some serious charges that could even lead to jail time because to my understanding of the law that would be a THEFT.

    Although so far I don’t have any proof that something like this happened it has crossed my mind more than a few times that it might.

  6. Phr0stByte says:

    I think we all know t3ds is going down hill and has been for quite some time. It didn’t take long for Matt to show his true colors. He always reminded me of one of those whiney kids from the schoolyard of your childhood that always got beat up for being a snitch and generaly unlikable and now has a chip on his shoulder as an adult because of it. When Tracy personaly emailed me to tell me about the BS he pulls with his own family… Well, I just don’t know what to say. My assets are there right now because of the BS MLP, but I will never upload another thing there ever again. Frankly, I would not piss on t3ds if they were on fire.

  7. jvr3D says:

    First of all thanks to Alex for this post and to Tracy for his words.

    The only thing I can say is that I’m tired to contribute with my effort to add value to a 3d store and after a few years later it is selled to other company, with a deep change in sales or conditions. It happened before with Fallingpixel and Exchange3D. Now is the time of The3dstudio but the main difference is the strong commitment some of us did in the past with them (MLP for example).

    Anyway I’m positive and I hope things get better in future.

    Best regards

  8. Thompson says:

    I always had the feeling that somebody was messing with the sales records on the3dstudio.

  9. Thank you for taking the time to comment guys!
    @ Phrostbyte – What a nice way to put it :)
    @ Javier – I have been trying to stay optimistic for more than a year. Judging by the way thing are going I can not share your optimism. Nothing is done to improve the site and furthermore features like format conversions are pulled out. Matt Anderson has been talking about some “great plans” and we all will have our jaws on the floor seeing what he would have accomplished.
    I don’t think that Matt and his Mom (the only full time employees at at the moment) could accomplish anything.
    @Thompson – I think that many sellers have that impression lately.

    Isn’t it funny how Matt Anderson didn’t stop by to share “his side of the story”? Remember how active he was on the forums some time ago when he was trying to manipulate people into leaving Turbosquid?
    I just wanted to make it clear that the only comments that were not allowed here were the ones from people that expressed their hate towards Matt Anderson and in a “not so civil” manner.

  10. Rogier A. says:

    I am not a seller, but I buy 3d models from time to time.
    Although I had found a few items that I needed from I ended up buying them from turbosquid because that site looks outdated and doesn’t inspire trust (it seems more like an abandoned project).

    Your article proves that I was right. I can’t believe that a guy and his mommy operates a site like that and hopes to be competitive.

  11. Susan says:

    Alex, I’ve been surprised, too, that Matt A. hasn’t said anything on 3dstocktalk (where I saw your post), or here. I remember, too, how active he was during the SquidGuild debacle and I expected him to say something now. Maybe he doesn’t care anymore so he doesn’t visit the forums. I’m pretty sure that we already would have read some rant from him otherwise.

  12. Hi everyone, this is Michele from TurboSquid. I’m sorry to hear about all this. Of course we like to feel we’re the best 3D model marketplace, but we’d rather win that fair and square and not because one of our competitors gave you a bad experience.

    For those of you who signed the MLP with the3dstudio and now wish you could join the SquidGuild, I want to make sure you know about the SquidGuild Bridge program at TurboSquid, which allows you to get many SquidGuild benefits (including higher royalties on exclusive models) while still honoring agreements you’ve made with other sites.

    For more info:


  13. Parker says:

    Maybe his mommy doesn’t let him post comments on blogs anymore! :))

  14. Thank you Michele for stopping by.
    The squidbridge program may be the only thing to do at this point.

    I also hope that top executives from 3D Systems (like Abe N. Reichental, Charles W. Hull or others) hear about how is operated and do something about it before it is too late.

    With regards to the MLP, I have received several questions with regards to clauses or language about language about “breach of contract”
    Here is the ONLY piece of paper that many have signed… or should I say here is ONLY reason why is still online

    I don’t know the American Law, but there are several reasons why this agreement would be declared NOT VALID in any Court in Europe.

  15. Bobby says:

    I have always suspected that something fishy is going on other there.

    Maybe the hosting bill got higher than the site’s profit so Matt is taking money from a sale here, a sale there, to be able to pay it.

  16. Tracy says:

    I just stopped back to see if there were new comments – so I wanted to respond to a few – in order – so I may respond more than once!

    @Alex, I’m glad you are bringing your situation to light. I’m sure Matt’s just waiting for this issue to die down and then everyone will forget and move on (until the next issue).

    @Susan, Glad to shed some light in his dark corner of the web. ☺ Do you sell your models elsewhere? I would suggest (to anyone) just really marketing yourself to point people in the direction of any other sites you sell through. Those other sites also do a fantastic job of advertising and marketing your work for you, so if you join them as a seller, you won’t have to do too much marketing. They make take a little more in commission, but your sales and the exposure you’re products will receive should more than make up for that in the long run. As Michele from TurboSquid has pointed out, they now have a bridge in place to help artists out who have locked themselves in at T3DS.

    Matt may or may not chime in on the forums with one of his famous rants, but in my opinion, he’s always given the impression that he thinks forums and social media are an idiotic waste of time filled with whiners and complainers who should be working instead. I used to handle the T3DS social media and he took me off (as soon as I mentioned I enjoyed it!) saying it was a waste of time and not returning results (although I had proof it was resulting in sales). Now that I’m no longer employed there, (and have lots of spare time for things like this!!!!) he has my mom in charge of social media and it seems it’s ok for her to spend company time/$/resources posting and reposting “inspirational” quotes multiple times a day (a disgruntled seller was actually the person that point this out to me) that have nothing to do with marketing, selling or connecting with customers. Talk about a waste!

    Matt does receive a salary now from 3D Systems, so maybe you’re right when you think that he just doesn’t have the same vested interest in T3DS’s success as he once did?

    @Pumper – All good points. I used to love what I did at T3DS, until Matt started making his personal issues part of my work life. Heck, I’m even the person who in December of 2010, delivered my baby at home at 2:00 a.m. and was back at my desk the afternoon of that same day, working for T3DS while my newborn baby slept next to me. THAT’S how much I loved it. I got up early, worked late, holiday’s, nights and weekends and the minute he couldn’t control me in his personal life (he and my mother have major control issues) he started taking it out on me by bullying me at work.

    @Phr0stByte – You always put a smile on my face!

    @jvr3D – You are welcome and I wish you success in the future.

    @Thompson – I have no comment on this issue, as soon as I started to be critical of Matt’s “management style”, he completely shut me down and stripped me of all of my admin clearance. I was allowed zero contact with customers, zero admin clearance and my official duties were reduced to harvesting email leads to which I was not even allowed to put my own name on when they went to the customer. Soon after he stripped me of any real and valuable duties, he then stripped my husband Kevin of his duties as well. He was having us both spend close to 100% of our time each day, just scouring the internet for email addresses of “potential” digital artists. The most shameful waste of resources I’ve ever witnessed in my working life.

    When we weren’t harvesting emails, we were called to frequent and ridiculous meetings at Matt’s home- even after HR told me that was unacceptable. He loved to have a meeting at 5:00 p.m., in August in AZ. He must have gotten some perverse pleasure knowing I had to wake up my sleeping baby, gather all my kids when they should have been eating dinner and lug them over to his house in 114 degree weather so we could arrive at a meeting where one point of business was discussed (which could have been discussed EASILY via email) and then dismiss us. I felt as if he just needed everyone to see the power he had and that he could abuse it with no repercussions.

    @Alex – I just wanted to make it clear that the only comments that were not allowed here were the ones from people that expressed their hate towards Matt Anderson and in a “not so civil” manner. Well where’s the fun in that? I say you black out the things that need to be “bleeped” and post them! ☺

    @Rogier A – AMEN to that. I’ve seen on several forums where buyers and sellers alike would beg Matt to have the site updated, but Matt has always responded very publicly with something to the effect of — No, we like it the way it is and buyers appreciate a site that loads fast and doesn’t look fancy. I have to say, the TS site is always fresh and always being updated for the benefit of both buyers AND sellers. They have a keen sense of aesthetics that T3DS never had.

    @Susan – Matt may not find any value in visiting forums, but you can be sure they know about this conversation (Google alerts are rather easy to set up) and maybe just don’t see any value in responding? It’s surprising on one hand that he hasn’t because he does love to spin a story and blame everyone else. This would give him a chance to come here and say I was a no-working loaf who did nothing but cause problems! Then he could add in his famous last words (go check any forum he’s ever responded on) which are usually a mix of something like “And if you need further assistance, open a T3DS support ticket as that is the best way to contact us and we will not be monitoring this forum for any further responses.” ☺

    @Michele – just responding in order. Glad to see TS here. ☺ I hope everyone here takes the time to look into the SquidGuild Bridge. A very innovative idea to help artists out of a tough spot.

    @Parker – HA! Good one!

    @Alex – I have to believe that some of the higher-ups at 3D Systems know what Matt is like and what he has done. They after all were most likely involved in decisions that led to Kevin and I being laid off after we complained of Matt’s harassment of us. At some point they decided that Matt was more valuable to them than we were. For how long, who knows?

    @Bobby – I would hope now that mine and Kevin’s salaries are back in the “pot” that he has more than enough to pay his bills, but who knows?

    Matt is a real piece of work – at one point, Kevin and I both had a weeks worth of vacation time each we wanted to use – together of course. Matt denied our requests within seconds of receiving the email. Our work could have easily been picked up by Matt, Lisa and his wife, Beth while we were gone for 1 week, but he said that there was no one who could approve the photos while we were both on vacation together. I found it a little odd that he didn’t think he wife was up to the task when her title was “Director of Stock Photography”. That’s a little scary, don’t you think? So, while our 4 kids were all out of school for the Christmas holiday together, we were unable to take a family vacation or do any activities together because Matt was so hell-bent on personal revenge. I even offered that we would still work while on vacation, but he said that was against policy. Of course it doesn’t seem to be against policy when it comes to him going on multiple vacations each year with his family. Then it’s called working away from home. ☺

    I’m happy for Matt that he got his way and found a way to get rid of me (I have an email where he states this as his one wish!) because hopefully it will make him a happier person. He became fond of threatening me. Not only did he end most emails to me with threatening to have me fired, but he also loved to tell me I could easily be replaced with a “$3,000 Indian”. Ahhh, outsourcing at it’s finest!

    Overall I am most shocked that T3DS no longer offers file conversions. It was such an easy thing to offer customers. Well, I guess I’m not shocked. Matt probably doesn’t have time to do it himself because he’s probably at his vacation condo in Hawaii and neither my mom nor Beth have any 3d skills and Kevin (who used to do the file conversions) was laid off! Ahhh, I guess it’s not so shocking after all!


  17. Over at TurboSquid, we’ve strongly focused on selling 3D models for professional users, and the staff is now about 75 people worldwide working to grow our business and hopefully the industry as a whole. It’s easily the funnest (and craziest) period in the company’s 12 years, and TurboSquid will live and die by how well we can help artists to buy and sell 3D models. It’s what we do, and in truth, we’re really, really fortunate to have found an area we could build a company and community around.

    With regard to T3DS, I’ve been the recipient of more than my fair share of negativity from Matt Anderson, and I’m glad that has stopped. I first met Abe (the CEO of 3D Systems) a few years ago, and after the T3DS acquisition I asked that the ranting posts about TurboSquid (“The Tentacles of Assery” etc) be taken down. 3D Systems complied the very same day I emailed, and I appreciate that the personal attacks and conspiracy theories have stopped.

    One thing that was clear to the folks at TurboSquid after 3D Systems bought T3DS, was that that their focus would be on promoting 3D printers and not our industry, which is about visual graphics. Matt Anderson made some claims of victory, but we were pretty sure it wasn’t going to work out the way he portrayed it.

    Interestingly, Tracy (from T3DS) was always the person that we saw as being out in public and doing a great job. I’m sorry that she and others ended up in a tough spot. I hope things work out better for everyone. The 3D model industry overall is growing well, but it’s hard to tell how much that is spread out to different businesses.


    Matt Wisdom
    TurboSquid (CEO, co-founder)

  18. Keith says:

    Well; it looks as though TS is going to be one of the more viable options now (including a handful of others). I was going to use T3DS as my “storefront” for my own site and work; but I’ll not bother at this point.

    I do hope this doesn’t entice TS to further strip non-guilders of their fair share of their profits. 40% is quite low enough, thank you.

  19. Susan says:

    Thanks for giving us more inside details. I’m sorry that you and your husband have been treated like that! I’m also sorry that you lost your job and hope that you have found something else.

    I’m on a hiatus from selling my 3D models right now, but when I get back to it, I’ll definitely go back to selling on several sites. I want to mention along these lines that a couple of years ago, when I had to close my stores (because of tax, health care and family issues) I asked Matt if I could get out of the MLP. I had just signed it (like 1-2 weeks prior to finding out that I had to close my stores), and I had not sold anything there since then, so I had not received any extra income from T3DS. He said no. So that’s the only place my stuff is still up at. But like I said, when I get back to selling, it will definitely not be the only place.

    I don’t know if anything can be legally done about the MLP, but it’s absolutely true that circumstances have changed. When we signed, it was a different company than it is now, especially since it’s been bought out.

    All the best to everyone,

  20. Thank you all for talking the time to comment:

    @Matt wisdom – So that’s why those posts aren’t online anymore :) I was preparing my next article and wanted to use some of those :)
    By the way, he keeps attacking you whenever he gets an occasion. Here is just a small paragraph from one of my conversations with him:
    “I’ve also had customers who buy something from the squid (etc) and then come to use for support (and questions, invoice requests, etc) as they’ll simply google what they bought and we’ll come up first so it’s an honest mistake. I even get plenty who bought from the squid and then knowingly come to us for support because the squid doesn’t reply to them…those I actually enjoy :)”

    We all see how TS has evolved during the last years. It is clear that you want it to grow and keep invest money and lots of efforts into it, unlike The3Dstudio which is only a “cash cow” that is mutating into a sinking ship.

    @ Keith – I would not use T3DS for anything at this point either. Until something changes over there, I won’t upload a single asset.

    @Bobby – Come to think of it, Matt Anderson stated that if a client opened a support ticket to ask a question regarding the product he had just bought, the sale won’t appear until that support ticket is closed.
    Hey Matt, could you please close all the support tickets associated with my products? Maybe you have “accidentally” forgot.

    @Tracy – Thank you for sharing your experience with Matt. I know for a fact that both him and Lisa read this article. Here is what your mother replied in a forum:

    “Naturally there is a lot more to what really happened than what the disgruntled seller and an ungrateful former family member said, which I’m sure most people realize. Especially anyone who has been part of family business!”

    I couldn’t get the “FORMER” part. Are you her “FORMER” daughter?

    @ Susan – I am not sure if there is something we could do about the MLP but I am damn sure I am going to try. My recent experience with sales disappearing was the last drop.
    Since I am not based in the US this will be a bit more difficult but the idea of suing or Matt Anderson (as the administrator) grows on me each day.
    Maybe Tracy could recommend a lawyer from Phoenix?

  21. Tracy says:

    Ha, Alex!

    I love the “FORMER” family member. Actually the way I like to tell the story is that I hope I was switched at birth and was never a family member in the first place! That would explain a lot! It’s especially entertaining that Matt’s mommy is there to defend him, when she has no first hand knowledge at all of anything that happened. Matt’s abuse as mine and Kevin’s supervisor never extended to her so how would she have any idea of what did or did not not happen? Matt is her mini-me (his own wife has described them that way) and she loves to run to help the little guy out whenever she can!

    They are so unnaturally attached to each other that they are even neighbors. One lives behind the other and they share a cement block wall between their yards. They can’t stand to be too far away from one another so they even broke down part of the wall and installed a swinging gate for easy access. :)

    I’ll have to think about the lawyer recommendation – this place is crawling with them.

  22. Keith says:

    Well; it looks pretty obvious now, as to where Matt’s energies are being spent….since he’s on the payroll of the other company. If it’s only he and his mother running things, I don’t have much confidence in T3DS moving forward at all. Judging by his lack of input both here and at the company’s blog section at T3DS, it seems he has no desire to dispute this at all either.

    As I said though; I hope this doesn’t give MattW any ideas to lower the already low rate of 40% for non-guilders (I’ve heard the response of “we have no plans to” or “not at this time”; but that leaves an obvious opening to do so later on).

  23. Stewart says:

    I have to say I seen this coming a mile away. I think I only ever swapped a few emails back and forwards with MattA when the squidguild first came out and I wanted to take my models down which was entirely my right to do so. From the few emails I could tell then what kind of a person he was and tried to tell others in another forum but with tempers being what they were at the time no one had anything but praise for the guy, like he was some saviour of the 3D stock world and wouldnt have a bad word said against him.

    He was the most unprofessional person I’ve ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Even if what he claimed did have some truth to it, which i don’t believe it did, the way in which he done business was a joke.

    I do think though folk should have taken more time when they decided to sign up as it wasn’t something to be taken lightly. Several people who slammed me for going with the guild from the start, while they happily signed with MattA, are now the same people trying to get out of their deal and join the guild themselves.

  24. We introduced the SquidGuild just shy of 3 years ago and there hasn’t been a minute since that TS has considered changing our royalty rates vs the artists. I wouldn’t promise then that we wouldn’t change royalty rates just out of the reality of not wanting to make an empty promise in a forum. The future is unknown, and I didn’t want to create a legal agreement binding us all for years. Anything else would have been just words.

    I think the main idea of the SquidGuild ultimately worked as promised for many people — that TS would pay an increased royalty percentage overall to the artists (it did in fact cost us percentage points of our margin), TS would likely increase sales by taking market share from other businesses (we did), and that artists would do better at 60% overall at TS than they had done before across all sites. But by forcing the question, and lowering the main rate to non-SquidGuild, there’s no question we damaged a lot of people’s trust. It was a painful lesson for us, even if many artists got the financial outcome that we hoped/promised they would.

    In the interim, we released the editorial license for trademarked content and that has done really well. We released CheckMate and that has done much better than expected, and we had high hopes. We’ve been able invest in the content and the library now in ways we wouldn’t have if the whole point of the industry was just to drop margins so there is no entity that can invest in the business, and all products are priced as a race to the bottom.

    For example, if all marketplace sites took 10% of the revenue, there wouldn’t be enough to invest in the business. As it is, several competitors are effectively one person shops with the main person doing everything. There’d be a lot of websites offering the same content, and new artists always coming in and pricing their content below the existing people just out of a reflex. Average sales prices would drop faster, and the industry would just stay as the wild west of risky content.

    The thing is, our customers frequently care about time more than saving $10 or $50. So TurboSquid took the opposite approach, which is to focus on quality and invest in the content. Set clear pricing tiers ($49, $99, etc) and maintain realistic pricing when we can (SquidGuild content, in particular CheckMate content). We can’t force something to be $99 on our site if the artist wants to sell it at $19 somewhere else. It’ll make our customers feel like they are taken advantage of. All of that’s a balance, but it’s where we’ve wanted to develop the business. “Lowest prices on the net” and lowest margins means you can’t invest in your business.

    Now we are focused on the hardest problems — fully supporting 10 additional languages at TurboSquid, and understanding at a really deep level the quality of what is in our library, and actually what is in our library beyond simple categories and keyword tags. Those are all hard problems, and we are tackling them while expanding CheckMate and building for the future. Hopefully we will deliver in ways that convince everyone of our sincerity.


  25. @ Keith – If anybody still doubted that Matt Anderson was aware of this post, I can now assure you 100% of the opposite. He contacted me by email, and although we have been exchanging emails since Friday the only thing that I have accomplished is for him to finally admit that simply deleting sales from the stats without sending sellers a notification IS a big issue.
    I still can not possibly understand how would someone in his position consider this as not important.

    All the rest was talk about “great plans”, promises and how the majority of the MLP members are happy with it.
    With regards to plans, we have all been hearing about them for about a year or so and I am sure that if he was in our shoes he wouldn’t have been so patient. Funny thing is that even I am beginning to think that HE really IS convinced that he has something big coming up and we will all be ecstatic with what he will have accomplished. As I have told him I can not share his optimism judging by the way things have been going lately.

    The part with the MLP, I don’t believe for a second that me and the others that have posted here are isolated cases and sales on the3dstudio are going through the roof for the majority of the members.

    @Stewart – “but with tempers being what they were at the time no one had anything but praise for the guy, like he was some saviour of the 3D stock world and wouldn’t have a bad word said against him. ”
    This is the exact reason why I don’t believe the BS about the MLP working great for the majority. Why wouldn’t anybody come and say it? Everybody knows that some of his ex-supporters where very vocal back than.

    “From the few emails I could tell then what kind of a person he was” I remember that another seller (I may be mistaking, but I think he was Alex Kontz) had the same experience as you when he had his products pulled of the3dstudio. I have only had this kind of bad experience recently with the newest sale disappearing.
    In all fairness he was very polite and even had a friendly tone when he contacted me by email after having seen this post, but he could have as well put his “mask” back on, seeing how this conflict has evolved.

    @Matt – Many of us (including myself) were not happy with your decision to lower the royalty rate. However, everybody can see the efforts that you have put in TS and at least in my case, sales have grown considerably. There are obviously more things to accomplish (especially finding a more efficient way to stop undercutting or take care of website bugs) but it is clear that you move in the right direction.

    Thanks again to all of you for stopping by.

  26. So, if I’m understading correctly you published thumbnails that included objects NOT included in the product, a customer was unhappy with this and returned the model. This is a “nightmare” how exactly? I’m not trying to be a jerk, but I’m just not seeing the problem.

    All this other stuff about internal family squabbles, etc. seems less than relevant.

  27. Hello John,

    I really appreciate you stopping by, especially since you are known to be one of Matt’s most vocal supporters (and I wouldn’t want anybody to think that I don’t allow comments from people who take his side).

    With regards to what you have said above it is clear to me that you haven’t read the entire story carefully.

    Let me try to explain again briefly:
    Regardless of the fact if I agree of not with the return, I should ALWAYS be notified if something like that happened with one of my products even if is too late to save that sale.
    If the problem really is on my end, I should be given the chance to correct it in order to avoid future returns.
    Had I not notice that sale up for short period if time I wouldn’t have known about it.
    This happened at least twice in my case (who knows how many times this really happened since I can’t spend 24/h a day hitting the F5). The first one was because of credit card fraud and the second because the OBJ file did not import with textures in C4D (it does import perfectly back in max though and I don’t have access to C4D). The background walls reason, which were used only in too showcase the product (I wasn’t selling the scene, just the model) was not the main reason, at least not initially when I asked.

    With regards to the “nightmare” part.
    1) Matt did not (or did not want to) understand that simply deleting the sales without sending a notification to sellers was a big issue for me, and it leaves the impression that someone might be messing around with the sales.
    His attitude was totally unprofessional and threatened not to respond to support tickets from me anymore.
    This was a big mistake from him, and he finally admitted it to me by email, but only having seen how this conflict evolved. He said that from now on he will manually notify each seller whenever something like this happens.

    I am pretty sure that if I was not a member of the MLP he wouldn’t have had this attitude towards me and would have tried to listen (like the Matt I thought I knew) instead of making threats.

    2) I haven’t seen absolutely any progress in the evolution of T3DS since the company was sold to 3D Systems. On top of that I see features like referral sellers program or free format conversions discontinued. Did you know they don’t offer format conversions anymore?

    3) The personal life aspects are relevant to some extend since it clearly affects the business. I didn’t bring it up until Tracy personally commented on this article. I am not in a position to judge if Matt is right or Tracy is right. But even if Matt (hypothetically) fired Tracy and Kevin for the correct reasons he should have hired some others to replace them. At this point there are only 2 full time employees (and a part time employee) working for

    4) When me and many others signed the MLP, things were going great. With time sales have gone from bad to worse. I don’t see any progress and all we hear is “we have some great plans”. Had I seen at least some efforts from his part to do something with the site I wouldn’t have been so frustrated.
    Furthermore, if he hadn’t responded the way he did when I initially approached him (and as he admitted himself – he was wrong), I wouldn’t have gone public with this stuff.
    There is more to this that I have written in this reply but it would be pointless to re-write everything again, so I kindly ask you to read the main article and the comments if there is something that is not clear.

    Best regards,

  28. In truth I read it all, including all the internal family drama and misconceptions about which site sold what and so on. I understand that you are upset. There are two core issues here, problems a customer had with your model and problems with T3DS’s response.

    There are going to be unhappy buyers, and they’re going to return products. This is a growing problem with the increase of relatively unsophisticated buyers.

    Should you have been notified?. Yes, absolutely. Was there anything you or Matt could have done to “save” the sale. I don’t know. Maybe.

    The ball was dropped when a registered sale was taken from your account without notice. I agree with you about that. But I strongly disagree with escalating this issue into an indictment of the business. And, with respect, including renderings of objects not included with the product is not a good practice. A depth-of-field blur doesn’t automatically translate as “object not included.”

    >Did you know they don’t offer format conversions anymore?

    He did one for me a month ago. Assuming it’s true, it’s very unfortunate. I’ll check and see what’s up with that.

  29. Thanks again for the comment.

    As I see it there are more than 2 core issues here:

    1) I was not notified when a customer had a complaint. With regards to the blurred walls in the background it would have taken me exactly 5 seconds to send them, if that was really the issue. You may be right about “relative unsophisticated clients” but I strongly feel that that specific client wanted to find a way to get the model for free.

    2) I was not notified AFTER this had happened. As I said previously, even if the sale could not be saved, I should have been notified. Even if a sale was canceled due to credit card fraud (like it happened in the first case) I should have known about it. I think that I can not be called paranoid if I am tempted to think that somebody is manipulating the sales when I see them disappearing without any notification.

    3) Matt’s attitude with regards to this. I didn’t rush to complain publicly the first time this happened. I tried to explain to him that it is just wrong not to notify people when their sales are canceled. Keep in mind that if first happened last year and the reason apparently was credit card fraud. The second time this happened (or at least the second time I was lucky enough to notice it) the discussion turned ugly and he resorted to threats and a very rude and even offending language.

    4) The way sales are going over there and the lack of visible efforts from Matt’s part to improve them. Believe me, I was also very surprised to find out that they stopped offering format conversions (in a very bad way, of course). This proves to me that not only nothing is done with progress in mind, features are pulled off in an effort to make “cash cow” more efficient from the management point of view.
    The MLP members were used as leverage in negotiations with 3D Systems and after the sale was made, me and others like, begun to feel abandoned.
    Btw, Matt kept saying that sales are going great for the majority of the MLP members. Can you honestly say that the sales are going well for you?

    So far, the only thing that I have managed to accomplish with this blog post, is to finally make Matt A. understand that he can’t simply delete sales without sending notifications. I couldn’t make him understand it otherwise, no matter what. Even after the article was published and the conflict escalated it still took a few emails back and forth before he admitted that this was a big issue. At least now he promised to notify everybody whenever something like this happens, so at least from this point of view the article was not in vain.

  30. >Can you honestly say that the sales are going well for you?

    Good question. I have no real basis for comparison. Turbo Squid kicked me off after I published my comparative sales results proving that exclusive selling made less than selling across multiple sites. Then they did the leveraged buy-out of Falling Pixel, and I was reduced to selling on a single site.

    I have noticed that the market for common items is completely saturated. Most of my sales come from models that have little or no competition. Niche items mostly. And if you’re trying to compete on common items (i.e. 747s) then you’ve got to have a full range of formats and the very best thumbnails. Unsophisticated buyers aren’t even going to ask for a file-conversion, they just want to click and buy.

    To answer your question, I’ve had decent sales numerically; ten to fifteen a month. But downward price pressure is intense. My average dollar amount per month hasn’t grown despite growing my collection.

  31. Keith says:

    On a side-note; I see 3DST has been taken down, and now shows Mopic’s personal collection. Wonder why that is, with no warning at all?

  32. Tracy says:

    @Keith – Because he was the owner of the site and he’s hoping to capitalize on a little traffic? :)

  33. Tracy says:

    @John MacNeill

    I just wanted to clarify my position on why I would bother commenting and sharing what you call internal family struggles :)

    The reason why I think they are relevant is because Matt A.-as-business manager (no longer the owner) took it upon himself to abuse his position as a manager as retaliation for personal issues he had. In the process of abusing this position, he effectively was abusing the power he had over every single seller who trusted him to market, sell, advertise, SELL, MARKET, etc. their products. By putting your trust in him when you list your products, it should have been unsaid that he would do his professional best to advertise, market and sell those products for you. Instead of spending his professional and very expensive time on the management of the site, Matt A. spent his time micro-managing mine and Kevin’s every second of every day. It was not only a waste of his time, but a waste of resources and money as well. Resources and money that could have and should have been used to market and sell your products and those of every other seller, but instead he took all marketing and selling job duties away from us and had us roaming the internet for “new seller” email leads every single day. He was only about quantity and specifically told us not to “qualify” the leads.

    Matt A. had me come to his house once so he wife could put on a “tutorial” for me on how to gather leads (when I mentioned that his goals- 2,500 per week- were unrealistic and had, according to him, historically gotten us ZERO conversions). I went mostly for fun and fun it was! I sat and watched her “method” of gathering leads. About two minutes in, I realized what a ridiculous waste of time this was for all of us (Matt while he sat and watched us, Beth while she was on the clock and me for what I was “learning”. I had to stop her when she was getting the email address of a watercolor artist – as in watercolor paints on paper. I asked if she considered that a viable lead and she rolled her eyes and said that it was just all about getting email addresses for her daily quota. So, while I should have been at my desk using my skills in sales & marketing to bring our seller’s products to buyers, Matt thought it was more appropriate for us to be harvesting emails of “anyone who has ever opened Paint on their computer” (those are his exact words!) – as if opening an elementary program installed on the computer is the same as building a complex 3D model.

    As soon as Matt’s personal issues began taking over, his judgement at work was compromised. He became a harasser and a bully at the cost of lost sales, suffering customer service, unhappy customers – both buyers and sellers and employees who were forced to report his abuse behavior to human resources.

    He would take us away from our work almost weekly for required meetings in his home to discuss new (unattainable) goals to add to our existing list. On more than one occasion he would literally be standing over us with clenched fists, a red face and SCREAMING at us for whatever infraction of his rules he felt we had broken. The last one I remember was when I arrived at the meeting on time and Kevin arrived (literally) 3 minutes later. It was raining out and he was delayed, which I mentioned to Matt when I arrived. He threatened that if either one of us were ever late for a meeting with him again – by even one minute – that we would be fired on the spot. He had a bit of a power trip going on. If he treated employees this way, how do you think he feels and treats sellers? Luckily for you, you are a verbal supporter of his, so you’ve been able to stay on his good side. :)

    So you can believe that it was mere family squabbles, but I think some of the artists who have commented here about their less than stellar sales might believe it is a bit more than that?


  34. Keith says:

    Wow; no wonder he felt the need to write up all those blogs on the Squidguild and TS. I was totally against it (SQ) from the start, and still harbor a bit of ill-will about the loss in our percentage for non-guilders; but, at least, MattW has now admitted it wasn’t rolled out as it should have been. It wasn’t the things MattA said that bothered me, it was the WAY he said them. It came off as being very unprofessional, and now (judging from your comments Tracy) I can see why. He seems to have control issues, coupled with a bit of an anger management problem. You seem to have a level head; perhaps TS should scoop you up Tracy? ;)

  35. Tracy says:


    Ahhh, thanks for the smile! Perhaps we should start a “hire Tracy” letter writing campaign to Mr. Wisdom? ;)

    I agree that for an artist, the drop in percentage may have been hard to take at first. BUT when you consider the pure volume of sales at TS vs other sites and the ways in which they’ve tried to work with the artists as they implemented programs like SquidGuild Bridge, I hope sellers will realize that TS does truly have your best interests in mind.

    They are not only raising up the industry as a whole with programs like CheckMate, but they are also making sure they are creating a self-sustaining business model with the ability to grow. Just take a look at some of the “competition” to see what happens when you give up higher percentages in over to trap artists. Not only does your site remain stagnant, but your sales take a dive as well.

    I’ve had a personal conversation with Matt W and was pleasantly surprised at just how genuine he is and how much he cares about the industry and the direction he (and others) are trying to take the TS business in.


  36. Tracy says:

    Here’s an interesting situation in the lack of customer service at T3DS.

    A member seller of T3DS contacted me via Facebook where we are friends. He was unaware of my “release” from T3DS. I told him right away that I couldn’t help him as I no longer worked there. He went on to plead for any direction I could give him as all of his support tickets were ignored & unanswered. He lives in Turkey so he has a language barrier adding to his troubles. He is also ill with tuberculosis and very scared of legal action.

    He had an account at T3DS (from what I could understand I believe he must be locked into the MLP as he said T3DS wouldn’t let him delete his products). He uploaded products for a very good friend. He and the friend had a falling out at which time he found out that the friend had given him stolen models to upload. He claims he tried to alert T3DS to this but that’s where they started ignoring his opened support tickets. He just wants to have the illegal models removed. Obviously he made many mistakes along the way – he is well aware of that and just wants to try to fix some of what he has done wrong.

    I told him I would email Matt A (and his mom) to let them know that this member was having difficulty and is very worried.I told him ahead of time I didn’t know if it would even help but he was so thankful for any help offered I figured it couldn’t hurt to try.

    Matt A sent me the following email back… “We are already working with this member and I will ask that you cease further communication with our members when it comes to matters relating to our business.


    Too bad he couldn’t just handle his business matters in a timely and correct manner so that people didn’t feel the need to involve others, don’t you think?

  37. @ John Macneill – You are very lucky if you are getting that number of sales on T3DS.
    For me and many others the sales of both niche and generic products are sinking on that site. However, they seem to be growing fast (to my surprise, especially the generic products) on Turbosquid.
    The number of sales at my end is 10 times more than on And a large chunk of that is coming from generic products. Don’t forget to take into consideration the fact that the competition on TS is much higher than on T3DS.

    Maybe Matt Anderson has a small base of loyal buyers that happen to be interested in your niche products, or you would have made a killing on TS if you were selling there as well.
    In all fairness I don’t believe that that was the reason you were banned from there…

    With regards to format conversions, it is a big step back. Judging by the number of products T3DS has converted for me over the years, I see that many buyers were interested in my products but needed them in other formats. I only publish models as max, obj and fbx, but now I have many products converted to lightwave, cinema4d, maya, etc. Now a large percentage of potential buyers are gone.

    @Keith – Maybe Mopic was just testing the looks of his portfolio site before publishing it live on a new domain… because I see that 3dstocktalk is back online

    @Tracy – You make a very good point. It is clear to me that the personal issues are affecting the way the site is operated.
    It would be nice if you could show this article to the seller you are talking about and maybe he could share here the outcome of that story.

    Best regards,

  38. C. E. says:

    Hello All,

    We can hardly believe what we are reading here! Thanks so much for taking, all of you, the time to make this information public.


    This should work and effectively be equivalent to “removing” your models from T3DS. For example… Let’s say I increase all of our models’ sale prices to $9999. I bet nobody will buy. I am pretty sure there is nothing written on the MLP agreement forcing you to keep prices “low”.

    Wishing you all the best of lucks, there are also other nice marketplaces where big sales can be made (also in TurboSquid, for granted). These marketplaces are, in our experience, run by judicious and honest people:

    * Creative Crash
    * CG Trader

    Best regards

  39. Believe me, I have thought about it more than once. The price was not mentioned in the MLP contract (nor in the The3dstudio terms) at that point.

    In a desperate attempt, Matt Anderson may change the rules along the way (as he has done many times) but that would probably be a fatal mistake for the site.

    If TS considers allowing people in the guild (not squid bridge) if they set the price on T3DS to astronomical values, that might be the end of T3DS, as many other sellers with large collections will join.

    If the sales go any lower though, I will definitely do it regardless of what I have written above.

  40. Tracy says:

    I wouldn’t waste any of your time changing the prices of your products at T3DS. Matt just has Lisa go in and change them back to whatever they feel is the correct price. Just like she spends time changing / deleting / messing with your keywords, she does the same thing with prices. :)

    I would take any time you were planning on investing in T3DS and just plan/create/list the new items at TS. :)

    @Alex – I did tell the seller about this site, but between his language barrier, his illness and the stress, I don’t think he’ll make it here. He is actually very scared of what might happen to him and especially stressed since T3DS is ignoring him. Even after Matt wrote to me to tell me it is being handled, the seller still has not received any response from T3DS.


  41. >Maybe Matt Anderson has a small base of loyal buyers that happen to be interested in your niche products

    Nobody is “loyal” to a stock site. People use Google and buy wherever.

  42. LukeS says:

    In my experience sales have been on the slide at The3DStudio for the past few years. Currently sales are so low there it would be in my interests to join the guild – but I don’t want to because I’ve felt pressured due to the rate cut. Sounds like 3DStudio is on it’s last legs :(

  43. @John MacNeill – “Nobody is “loyal” to a stock site. People use Google and buy wherever.”

    You are 100% wrong.Many people become loyal to a store/brand or another in both online and offline mediums. This is a long discussion and I am not going to detail it further since it is not the topic of this blog post.

    @LukeS – thank you for stopping by. It seems that number of sellers who are unhappy with the sales at is growing each day. I have also contacted some top sellers with much larger collections than mine, and they share the same feeling (although they don’t want to make it public yet).

    It seems to me that either is dying or Matt Anderson will be fired soon (If I were Abe, that’s what I would do). Although Matt’s intentions may be positive, he doesn’t bring any results for the so called “partners” (mlp members) and he clearly can not keep the pace with Turbosquid. Maybe “working away from home” from his condo in Hawaii is not that efficient.

    The other day I have noticed one of my referral sales disappearing. That means that another seller had a sale deleted from his dashboard. I wonder if Matt kept his promise and emailed that seller to notify him about it and let him know the reason why it happened. Or maybe he was so busy and he didn’t want to “waste his time with a sale that could not be saved” like it happened to me.

  44. @Tracy
    I really wasn’t kidding about that lawyer recommendation btw ;)

  45. LukeS says:

    Does anyone have an email for this Abe guy? Or better still a direct phone number? I’d like to ask why sales on T3DS are falling. It can’t be that the market is falling, because sales on TS are rising.

  46. Tracy says:


    I am impressed that you want to take your disappointment all the way to the top at 3D Systems, and this isn’t meant to dissuade you completely, but I personally think it would be a waste of energy. Abe knows all about what is and isn’t happening at T3DS. I personally have to think that if nothing is improving that it just isn’t a priority for him. I think Matt W hit the nail on the head when he said this…

    “One thing that was clear to the folks at TurboSquid after 3D Systems bought T3DS, was that that their focus would be on promoting 3D printers and not our industry, which is about visual graphics. Matt Anderson made some claims of victory, but we were pretty sure it wasn’t going to work out the way he portrayed it.”

    It seems that 3D Systems needed a quick/cheap instant content stream for their cube printer/cubify site. At least it seems that’s what they thought they wanted. Possibly, once they realized the limits of the models (in terms of making them printable) they may have scrapped that idea all together? Now they own a 3D and stock photo site selling digital content that does not align with their money makers (3D printers). From the complaints about low sales it would appear that they aren’t even spending basic marketing money on that content. After just viewing their site, it seems it’s completely different from their original concept and none of the original T3DS models are even still listed on Cubify. I’m all for concept evolution, but now you really have to wonder how vested they are in the marketing of anything on T3DS.

    If you go to the Cubify site/blog, you can see lots of pictures of Abe’s son at conventions and road trips promoting the Cube. When you visit Matt’s site/blog you can find lots of various personal customer service complaints and conspiracy theories like how he can’t fast forward thru a DirecTV commercial. Go to T3DS Facebook wall and it seems Lisa is super busy with reposting & sharing “inspirational” quotes. How is this helping to market your products? They can’t do format conversations for your customers anymore (because they don’t have the staff) yet they can post pictures of puppies on Facebook? Really?

    I know I’ve seen artists on various message boards complain of lack of sales on T3DS at which point Matt A will log on to tell them to just hold on a little longer because “something really GREAT/NEW/FANTASTIC/SUPER-SECRET/AWESOME” is about to happen at T3DS – but honestly how long can anyone hold onto all the empty promises with no tangible delivery in site?

    Personally, instead of writing to Abe (at which point I’m sure a secretary would intercept the message anyway), I’d suggest taking that time and energy and devote it to creating killer content and of course selling it somewhere with a proven track record!

    Good luck!

  47. LukeS says:

    Thanks for the heads-up Tracy. I didn’t think it was going to do much good, just wanted to vent.

    If it’s as you say, regarding 3D Systems and their intentions for T3DS (and it does seem to have a ring of truth about it), it doesn’t reflect very well on 3D Systems. Didn’t they do ‘due diligence’ first – like at least buying *some* models to check if they printed easily? Or maybe they simply had lots of cash and could see a bargain, when they bought T3DS.

    Either way it’s sad that T3DS seems to be sinking. The claim that they’re “The World’s largest 3D Model and Stock Photo resource site!” sounds pretty hollow.

    Thanks again for the info.


  48. Teo says:

    Hello guys,

    I am quite new to this 3d model selling business and this post turns out to be quite a TV series. We have the fair complaints of a 3d artist, the revenge of a former employee, the feast of a raving jackal upon the remaining corpses.
    First of all Tracy, how come and you didn’t mention anything while you were still working on T3DS back then I recall from your posts that everything was ideal and no problems seemed to exist.
    Secondly mr Matt W, don’t worry you are eventually going to earn quite a few dollars from T3DS crash, no need to come fishing for new (or old) artists (or should I say slaves) for your factory.
    And lastly my friend Alex (and every 3d artist that reads or comments on this thread), do you really think that anyone besides us (3d artists) trully respects our work and effort? We are the sailors and they are the ship owners, they own the wip and the carrot
    And just remember this thread- the next time that a “nice man” tries to “help you” sell your art because he “cares” about you and he “gives a damn”, -and what mr Dickinson sang in his solo career: “The road to hell is full of good intentions” .
    Just create a site and start selling your models. We CAN do that, they CAN’T create our models.
    They need us, we DON’T NEED them. Check out the site a 3d artist team started when they had a quarrel with one of the factories.
    In my opinion this is the example we should try to follow.

  49. Teo says:

    And because I was really inspired by similar threads I have read in the past, but mainly this one (especially in the part were Matt W. the “good guy” tries to literally feast on T3DS corpse trying to gain back a few of his lost workers, the same part that Matt A. played very well the past few years). I have just created a group in facebook called “Independent 3d Artists”. The goal of this group is to promote indipendent 3d artists or groups of 3d artists and their sites, in order to receive the full payment for their effort. Feel free to post comments, links to the sites you own, or blogs in order to showcase or sell your work, discuss any 3d issue that might concern you.
    I apologise but links to sites that exploit 3d artists work will not be allowed as they are opposed to the groups’ cause show they will be deleted.
    You are all welcome!!! ;)

  50. Tracy says:

    Oh, Luke – I’m all about venting, trust me ;) – that’s why public forums are such a great tool – you can warn others! I think 3D Systems may have done their due diligence for what they thought they wanted at the time. But I also think they may have been in a mad rush for any content that they feel would have filled their need at the time. I do think they had cash and wanted something quickly. But when you really think about it and realize that the majority of content for sale at T3DS is owned by someone else (the seller who created it and not T3DS) then what did they really buy after all? Looking at it that way, I’m pretty sure they didn’t get a bargain, whatever they paid.

    Yes, you can claim a lot of things on the internet, but at some point it just makes you look a little silly, doesn’t it? Maybe you can even inflate your “resource” count and write a catchy tagline, but it doesn’t necessarily make it true. That tagline is actually a play on words to make it sound like something it isn’t.

    I may have missed it, but do you sell on other sites as well, Luke?


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