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Changing the illumination of a photo in photoshop

There are times when an architectural illustrator is asked to produce a “night photomontage” but the client only provides a photo taken at day time. In this case, the only option (besides refusing the job) is to change the illumination of the image in photoshop to look like a night photo, before starting to work on the 3d model.

If this happens to you, than the following tutorial might help.

Check out this tutorial.

Adding photorealistic hedges to your renderings

3d hedgeI am sure, that if you work in the architectural visualization business you have struggled with the “hedges” problem more than once.
The “natural” way to do it would be to add the hedges directly in 3d. However, this method may make the scene to heavy, and it is likely that you will encounter memory errors
If you use 3d max and vray you can work it out by converting your 3d hedges into vray proxies; but still that will have an impact on the rendering time.
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