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Successful outsourcing for architectural visualization business

If it’s done the correct way, outsourcing can be a very good way of growing your business, no matter if you are the one that outsources the work or if you are the one that actually does the work for some foreign client.

However, there is still a lot of skepticism from architectural visualization studios when it comes to assigning their projects to freelancers/other studios from different parts of the world, and for a good reason; actually several good reasons.

-The main thing is the lack of control. You don’t know for sure if the freelancer or studio that you have hired will do the job on time, and if the quality of renderings will meet your expectations.

-When outsourcing in a business like the architectural visualization, where the amounts of money involved are not very high, contracts are pretty much worthless. Let’s face it, if you hire somebody to do a rendering for 500 euros for example, and he does not deliver the work on time, would you take legal action against him? How much time and money would that cost you in the end? Do you even know which court to address to for this case?

-You have never met the guy in person, and therefore you did not have a chance to interview him in a proper manner. When you hire somebody to work for you “in house” on a full time basis, things are a lot easier. There are a lot of tests that can help you evaluate the person’s ability to work under stressful conditions, his level or creativity, in a word to “draw” a psychological profile of the potential employee.

-You don’t even know for sure if the person “on the other end of your internet connection” is the real author of the renderings that he has sent you.
And the list can go on and on.

As a freelancer or studio that offers to do services for clients from overseas, you also have your share of doubts (the main one being the fear that you will work and won’t get paid for it)

The “starting point” of a business relationship like this is the most difficult part. Once you have managed to establish long term partnerships, based on mutual trust you may find that it is more convenient to you to assign all the work to your partner(s) from overseas and focus on getting more customers (and therefore grow your business) rather than just outsourcing your “overload”.

To start it right, besides a little luck you also need a little more planning. This is a very complex issue, so in the next articles, I will try to cover as many details as I can, starting with “the first contact”, “asking for a quote”, “assigning a project” and all the things to do and not to do, in order to establish a partnership from which both parts can profit. I will also try to analyze everything from both points of view (the one that outsources the work and the one who does it).

I need to mention that this article and the ones that will follow are based solely on my experience and not on extensive research on the subject. However, my studio has been working for clients from all over the world for the last 3 years and I am proud to say that I managed to establish long term partnerships with most of them (in some cases we’ve even become friends), so I hope that sharing from my experience will help some people.

Even if my focus will be mainly on the architectural visualization business, the concepts can be applied to most similar activities.

Back to blogging

After a long time of not having posted anything, I finally managed to find time to update this blog, and I hope that, during next months, I will be able to post on a regular basis (If not everyday Monday to Friday, at least every 2 days).

As you can see, and important category of this blog is represented by the tutorials section; Therefore. if you have any suggestions regarding writing a tutorial for a specific situation, (or any kind of suggestion to help improve this blog) feel free to contact me by email (cgdigest [at], or by leaving a comment here.

f you have written a tutorial yourself, and you are interested in showcasing it here, I would me more than glad to do it. You will receive the credit for it of course, and a live link to your website/blog/online portfolio.

In the end, I know for a fact that most people that come here are especially interested in the free models that I share; stay tuned, because I will have a big surprise for you in the near future ;)

In the meantime, happy rendering!