Quick solutions for big problems

1) Problem – You have rendered a scene in high resolution (in 3ds max), but for some reason you can not save it because your getting a “memory error” message.
Solution – Save it as a .tif format. It seems like it is the only one working in this situations.

2) Problem- You are trying to render a scene with camera correction modifier (3ds max and vray) but you keep having lots of artifacts.
Solution- Uncheck the “max compatible shade context” in the system rollout of the vray menu

3) Problem- You are unable to hit a high resolution render (in 3ds max) because you keep getting an “Error creating bitmap” message.
Solution- Save the scene, and exit max. Open max again, and render an EMTY scene with the desired resolution. After that, open the initial scene and hit render again. TA DAAAA… it works. Don’t ask me how is this possible though….

4) Problem – You are trying to render an interior scene (with max and vray), but for some reason the windows are black, although the light passes through them.
Solution – You have probably checked the “override reflection/refraction” by accident in the environment rollout of the vray menu, and left it black. Uncheck that and it will work.

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  1. Yulia says:

    Thank you sooooooo much – “error creating bitmap” worked out. u saved me!

  2. Agnes says:

    Thank you!!!! I had the same problem with error creating bitmap!

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