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Here is something that should have been posted along “How to chose a workstation” article, that I have published on this blog, It is a very comprehensive processor benchmark that will help a lot of people making a good decision when acquiring a CPU for a workstation (remember that the CPU is the most important factor that impacts the rendering speed).
I don’t know too many details regarding the scene or the software that’s been used for testing, but judging by the header image, I assume that the benchmark was done using the maxwell renderer. I have tried to contact the publisher of the test, but so far I didn’t receive an answer. As soon as I do, I will do a follow-up and publish all the details.

WidgetBucks – Trend Watch –

Anyway, it still is a great place to visit if you need to compare rendering speeds of various CPUs, from top of the line quad core Xeon 5355 and 5345, dual core xeon 5160, 5150, 5140, quad core “desktop” processor like QX6700, dual cores, and even older pentium 4, centrino, and many more. Personally I was a little surprised to see that the QX6700 is faster than 2 dual core Xeons 5160, so again, make sure you check this before buying anything.

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