Arch Vis Workflow

The following article is a “guest post” written by Jamie Cardoso, a very talented 3d artist and blogger. In this particular article he talks about all the steps he takes when doing a project, starting from gathering materials to post production.

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20 Architectural Renderings that stand out from the crowd


Due to the fact that high end rendering technology is becoming more and more accessible and the number of people interested in architectural visualization is growing rapidly, the quality level of architectural renderings has dramatically increased during the last years.

When Brazil and V-Ray engines first appeared, using global illumination in a rendering was enough to make it look photorealistic and differentiated itself from the competition.

Nowadays one has to go to great lengths if extreme photorealism is the main focus (Check out the post that featured some of the most realistic architectural renderings I have ever seen).

With that in mind, I have compiled a list of 20 renderings which I consider to be original; some of them have great composition, others use a wonderful chromatic palette, but all of them stand out in one way or another and can be considered art, not just commercial work.

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