20 Amazing Night Exterior Renderings

The purpose of an architectural illustrator is to produce visuals that not only accurately represent a building that will be developed but also trigger emotions in the minds of the viewers and ultimately determine them to buy a property there. A building itself may not be the best from an architectural point of view, but a good visualizer can make it look appealing by enhancing certain features or by “telling a story” with an image and make viewers dream about a certain lifestyle.

Night renderings, if done right, are more likely to grab the attention of potential clients for a number of reasons; they are more spectacular, vibrant  and rich in color, they “sell” not only a building but a lifestyle, and last but not least they aren’t as common as  “standard” daytime renderings because they are a little more difficult to produce.

Bellow is a list of 20 night exterior renderings that I like very much and that may serve as an inspiration source.

1) Author: Jamie Cardose
Link: http://jamiecardoso-mentalray.blogspot.com

2) Author: Viktor Fretyán
Link: http://radicjoe.cgsociety.org/gallery/

3) Author: Diego Munhoz Ferreira

link: http://www.neohaus.com.br/

4) Author: Motyw studio
link: http://www.motyw.info/index.php

5) Author: Jacinto Monteiro

link: http://metrocubicodigital.cgsociety.org/gallery/

6) Author: Virtuagi studio
link: http://www.virtuagi.com.br/

7) Author: Andreko
Link: http://www.3dm3.com/forum/f201/koncha-zaspa-house-andreko-14629/

8) Author: Anton Cherenko
Link: http://cherenkoart.blogspot.com/

9) Author: Nitin.D.Mahale
link: http://koolnits.cgsociety.org/gallery/

10) Author: Ivan Tepavicharov
link: http://www.tepavicharov.com/

11) Author: Neosmedia studio
link: http://www.neosmedia.net

12) Author: Peter Guthrie
link: http://www.peterguthrie.net/

13) Author: Aron Coon
link: http://www.cds-architect.com/

14) Author: pixelab studio
link: http://www.pixelab.be

15) Author: Nilo Aleo
link: http://www.sixtrees.com.sg/

16) Author Tomek Miksa
link: http://impressiondomain.com/

17) Author: F10 studios
link: http://www.f10studios.co.uk

18) Author: Catapult studios
link: http://www.cat-a-pult.com/

19) Author: Chen3d
link: http://www.chen3d.com

20) Author: DMR Digital Visualizations
link: http://www.dmrdesigns.com.ar/

If you haven’t done many night renderings so far, or if you are just looking to improve your skills in this area, the exterior night rendering tutorial that I have written some time ago might be a good place to start.

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    this site is very use full for me .thanks…………

  2. Thanks for sharing, can you make a night scene tutorial? it would be great :)

  3. Really impressive works

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