Military Vehicles Collections

Mrap vehicles collection 3d models has recently launched 3 new military vehicles collections with extreme level of detail, suitable for broadcast and film industry.

Although these models have just been published on they have been selling for about 2 years on Turbosquid, T3DS and Creative Crash (under the user name RippleDesign or Ripple). During this period of time all the models have been constantly improved, following the feedback received from clients.

The first and largest set of military models is the Mrap Vehicles Collection.

It includes 3d models of M-atv and variants (ambulance and cargo), Cougar H, Cougar HE,
Maxxpro, Maxxpro Dash, RG 33, RG 33L, RG 31MK5E, Caiman – 2 versions, Buffalo, Husky Mine
Detection Vehicle, and Stryker M1126.
Each model comes with 2 versions of detail; a high detail version, suitable for the most extreme
close-ups, and another version that is less heavy on the polygons, which makes it suitable for medium/far range renderings or even real-time applications.

Mine resistant vehicles 3d models

 The second set (the Army Trucks Collection) includes the Global HET, Fmtv cargo truck, HET m1070a1, M1000 trailer, Hemtt a4 985 cargo, Hemtt a4 m978 fuel tanker, Hemtt a4 m1120 LHS, Hemtt a4 M984 wrecker, Hemtt PLS, Hemtt 983 and Mim 104 patriot.

Us Army trucks

The last set is the British Army Vehicles collection

This collection contains 6 British mine resistant vehicles (Coyote, Jackal 2, Mastiff 2, Ridgeback, Wolfhound and Husky TSV).  

All the models are correctly scaled, the dimensions are done according to the manufacturer’s specifications and they are probably the most detailed and accurate models of their kind available for purchase.

Download the PDF files for each collection to view high resolution renderings and polygon/vertex count for each model.

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