Autodesk Project Gepetto

Autodesk has revealed “Gepetto”, one of the new projects that they have been working on. This technology aims to make it an easy task to add crowds to 3ds max scenes, with controled movement of people along predefined paths (such as sidewalks, corridors, etc.)

Although the development of this project is just at an early stage, the results already look more than promissing.

You can check out some demo videos on autodesk “sneak peack” youtube chanel.

I believe that this will be a great tool for architects, architectural illustrators and 3d artists

The best news is that project Gepetto is just a part of a much broader concept as autodesk states:

“Geppetto is part of a broader concept that we’re researching called "People Power." The basic idea is to try to assemble all the components you’d need to create, manage, and control large crowds of characters. Our research goal is to solve three big problems:

  1. Creating believable motion easily (Geppetto)
  2. Creating the look of any kind of human population or demographic and allowing for cultural influences (Evolver)
  3. Creating an efficient framework for interacting with tens of thousands of such characters”

Read more about project Gepetto on autodesk labs website

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