Free 3d models, available in 3ds format also

Hello all!

Following the suggestions from some of you, and from the folks at, I went through the 3d models on this blog once again, and now all them contain “.3ds” format version for all “non-max” users.

Sorry that I can not add other formats as well, because if I do, I will use most of my hosting storage space and there wouldn’t be any left to add other 3d models.  I hope the 3ds format is enough for you, since it can be imported in any other 3d software.

Here is a link compilation to all the free 3d models available here:

Free 3d motorbike model

Free 3d model of a lighting post

Free 3d faucet model

Free 3d furniture – living room sets, 2 sofas

Free 3d couch

Free 3d red leather sofa model

Free 3d deckchair model

Free 3d apollo chair model

Let me know if you have any problems downloading them.

As a reminder, you are free to use them in any project you wish, comercial or personal, just don’t sell them or redistribute them to a third party.


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  1. bhawna says:

    its too good, good modelling.

  2. abdurahim says:

    itsvery good modeling

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