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How to create terrains from contour lines in less than a minute with 3ds max and “Populate: terrain”

As an architectural illustrator you will quite often need to create the terrain of a site following the contour lines provided by the architect. In some cases modeling the terrain can take up as much time as the building that sits on it (it happened to me on several occasions).

Fortunately, now there is a really easy way to do it using a free plugin called Populate Terrain.


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How to unwrap organic models in 3ds max 2012

In this tutorial we will go through the process of unwrapping organic models using the new “peel” function in 3ds max 2012.

1) Creating the main seams.
Download the model and open it in 3ds max 2012.
As you can see the symmetry modifier is deactivated; we should leave it like this for now.
Add an Unwrap UVW modifier just below the symmetry modifier. Your modifier stack should look like in the screen shot bellow.

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Why you should never use the scale tool in 3d max

Just recently I have found out the hard way that using the scale tool that I have, so ignorantly, been using for ages is simply wrong.

I don’t know why I haven’t realized it before.
I was texturing a model of a building (as described in the real world scale uvw tutorial) and something didn’t work as expected. I had a 25×25 cm textures that simply looked huge when applied to the model. Continue reading