Premium 3D Models Archive

Light aircraft 3D models

The newest addition to is a collection of 11 light and ultra light aircraft 3D models.

The models for this particular collection are available in max (version 9) and obj formats and contain all the textures and material settings for vray. Each model is accurately scaled and is an accurate representation of the real airplane. Continue reading

Kitchen 3d models collection

I am pleased to announce that the kitchen 3d models collection is published on It contains over 120 3d models suitable for using in kitchen renderings.
All the models are correctly scaled and are accurate representations of real life objects.
The level of detail of every 3d model is high enough even for the most extreme close-up renderings. As usual, the models come in 3ds max (version 9) format, with all the high resolution textures and vray materials included. Continue reading

Office 3D Models

I’m pleased to announce that another extensive 3d models collection was launched on This one contains 128 models suitable for using in interior office renderings.
The main office 3d models collection is divided in 2 categories:

-office clutter 3d models – with 71 models of items that you can usually see on office desks in real life, such as business card holders, pencils, pencil sharpeners, telephones, paper clips, dvd racks etc, and also 3d models of electronic devices such as printers, laptops, routers, projectors, external hard drives and so on.
The best thing about this type of models is that they can be used in any renderings, regardless of the client specifications. Although they are just “scene fillers” they make a huge difference and help you renderings look more real.

-office 3d furniture –  57 3d models of managerial desks, operational desks, receptions, conference tables, storage and lobby furniture.
If your client doesn’t require you to model a specific type of furniture, than this collection can save you a lot of time.

All the models are in “.max” version 9 format and come with the textures (as seen in the previews) and the material settings for vray.
It has become a habit that every time a new product is launched on, for a limited amount of time there is a substantial discount, so if you think you may need it in the near future it would be best if you purchase it now.

Bellow are some renderings done using this collection; feel free to check them out and let me know what you think (click on them to view higher res images).

New 3d models collections launched

Recently 2 new collections were launched on, a set of bathroom 3d models and a restaurant collection.

The complete bathroom 3d models collection contains 200 3d models, ranging from sinks, shower cabins, bathtubs to all sorts of small objects like shampoos, towels, accessories and much more.

The other one consists of over 170 3d models of restaurant furniture, tableware, food, drinks, and basically everything you may need to populate interior renderings of restaurants, dinning rooms, cafeterias, clubs, lounges and bars.

Click to visit the 3d restaurant models

There are also free 3d models available for each category, so even if you don’t need to purchase anything at the moment, you may want to stop by. However, if you decide that you need these collections, it would be better if you purchase them now, because you will benefit from a 30% discount.

The discount period for the bathroom collection ends on November the 9th, while the other one ends on the 1st of December.