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Microsoft HoloDesk

While browsing around, one youtube video posted on “Microsoft research” channel got my attention.

It features a very interesting device that enables the user to directly interact with 3d graphic elements. Although I have the feeling that Microsoft will target the entertainment market with this system, I would love to see it being used with sculpting 3d software like Zbrush and Mudbox or even with more complex software like 3d max.

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Autodesk Project Gepetto

Autodesk has revealed “Gepetto”, one of the new projects that they have been working on. This technology aims to make it an easy task to add crowds to 3ds max scenes, with controled movement of people along predefined paths (such as sidewalks, corridors, etc.)

Although the development of this project is just at an early stage, the results already look more than promissing.

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Project Butterfly

Today I have received an email from an autodesk product manager to let me know about an interesting project that they have been working on – Butterfly Project.

So what does it actually do?
The main idea is that you can edit a dwg file without any license or software installed. All you need is a web-browser and the latest flash player from adobe.
This makes it accessible from anywhere and by anyone you share it with.

And speaking of sharing, you can actually co-edit a drawing with a colleague or a client in real time. Everything is done directly online so the files are not actually transferred from one user to another. This means that you can conduct online meetings with unlimited participants, make revision mark-ups, etc.
There is also a widget that let’s you explore all the changes done in a revision meeting so you won’t miss anything.

I see this application particularly useful for cad drafting studios and architecture offices, especially for internal meetings.

However, I don’t see it being used for architectural visualization at the moment… but I am certain the way technology evolves, in the future we will see something similar for 3D models.

In the meantime, you can watch the video bellow to see a more in depth presentation or check out the official site for project butterfly.

Top 10 free textures websites

There are plenty of websites on the internet that offer free textures. However, browsing through 40-50 sites to find a certain texture can prove to be a time consuming task. With that in mind, I have made a selection of 10 websites which I thought may be useful to you too. Continue reading