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The 3D Studio.com Nightmare Experience

As some of you may know I have been a fan of The3Dstudio.com for many years. Besides running Premium3Dmodels.com we have been selling our models there (and on other marketplaces) as well and things were running smoothly.

The sales

When T3DS was sold to 3DSystems, things started to go in the wrong direction.  Sales kept getting lower and lower and nowadays they reached a ridiculous level. One could argue that the competition is higher now than back than or that our models are getting old and have reached their “end”. This is definitely not the case since sales on other sites like Turbosquid or CreativeCrash are getting higher and higher every month.

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Arch Vis Workflow

The following article is a “guest post” written by Jamie Cardoso, a very talented 3d artist and blogger. In this particular article he talks about all the steps he takes when doing a project, starting from gathering materials to post production.

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3ds max design hero competition winners

Congratulations to Piotr Truszczynski from Motionfront for winning the Autodesk 3ds Max Design Hero competition!

His image will be featured on the cover of 3ds max design 2012 and on all related marketing materials. That’s a huge exposure that will definitely lead to many jobs from many high profile clients. What more could one ask for?

Congratulations again Piotr for your great achievement!
The images that took 2nd and 3rd place are also great. It was for sure a tough decision for the judges.
You can check them out here.