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21 Stunning Architectural Visualization Animations

Below is a selection of absolutely stunning architectural visualization animations from various artists and studios. The videos are embedded from vimeo or youtube and the artist/studio name is mentioned on above each animation. Check them out and if you have something to add to the list use the comments form.

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11 most realistic renderings you have ever seen

Following the positive feedback of the previous “20 Amazing Night Exterior Renderings” article, I have compiled a list of 11 most realistic renderings I have ever seen. Some of them are new, and some of them are really old (one even dates back to year 2000) but I can’t believe how real they all look.

Not all the renderings in the list bellow could work as arch viz commercial work, but that wasn’t a selection factor. The main thing that I have looked for while compiling the list was the extreme level of realism. However, I have only focused on scene renderings and avoided characters, vehicles and similar stuff.
It is important to mention that all the renderings bellow are entirely computer generated. No photo cutouts were used in any of them.
The renderings aren’t listed in a particular order, and each of them is linked to the author’s website.
If you have seen other renderings that you think would fit in this list, please post a link to it in the comments form.

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20 Amazing Night Exterior Renderings

The purpose of an architectural illustrator is to produce visuals that not only accurately represent a building that will be developed but also trigger emotions in the minds of the viewers and ultimately determine them to buy a property there. A building itself may not be the best from an architectural point of view, but a good visualizer can make it look appealing by enhancing certain features or by “telling a story” with an image and make viewers dream about a certain lifestyle.

Night renderings, if done right, are more likely to grab the attention of potential clients for a number of reasons; they are more spectacular, vibrant  and rich in color, they “sell” not only a building but a lifestyle, and last but not least they aren’t as common as  “standard” daytime renderings because they are a little more difficult to produce.

Bellow is a list of 20 night exterior renderings that I like very much and that may serve as an inspiration source.

1) Author: Jamie Cardose

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Third Seven short video – will this work for commercial project?

First of all, since I haven’t had the chance until now, I want to wish you a happy new year, all the best and many projects and opportunities in 2010.

I’ve just came back from my winter holidays and while browsing through some arch viz forums I’ve stumbled upon the short video done by Alex Roman (Jorge Seva) and I must say I am absolutely amazed.

This is really a master piece, and with no exaggeration, probably the best cg animation I have ever seen, and I am not talking only about architectural visualization.
The guy obviously has a lot of talent as a movie director, stage designer and photographer besides the fact that he truly masters the software.

Although I can not stress enough how much I like it, I can’t help but wonder how this style would work from a commercial point of view. From my experience, every time I try something more “artistic” it doesn’t go well with the client. Even a small depth of field effect used to focus on some elements makes most clients ask me “Why 70% of the rendering is blurred? Is it a software error?” I have even had problems explaining to some clients why the white walls look bluish in a dusk rendering. Although a small part of our job as architectural illustrators is to educate the clients, sometimes we have to consider the fact that time is money, so instead of spending it explaining this and that, just give them what they need and that’s it (as long as it still looks at least “ok”, of course).

I am curious what you think about this, and even more curious if you managed to get a “sign off” doing something a bit more “different”.