Free 3d Models Archive

Interior Lamp Free 3D Model

A 3D Model of a lamp, suitable for interior residential renderings. The model is available in 3ds max version 9 format, with the materials settings for vray, and in 3ds format for people that don’t use 3d max.

Download 3d lamp model

Umbrella 3D Model

A free 3d model of an umbrella, than can be used in pool-side renderings, beach renderings and so on.

As usual, the model is provided in both max 9 format and 3ds.

Download the umbrella 3D model

3D Chandelier Model

A free 3D model of a chandelier, suitable for interior renderings. As usual, the model is available in max version 9 format, and also in 3ds.

The “.max” version contains the material settings for vray.

Download 3D chandelier model