Assigning an achitectural visualization project to a freelancer -Part I

When assigning a project it is crucial that you send all the necessary information to your partner, but at the same time, you don’t need to “crowd” your partner with tons of files that he may not actually need. I always “fight” with most of my clients about this, and from what I have heard, I am not the only one.

The wrong way to do it

A few months ago, we have been assigned with a project consisting of 7 interior renderings (a bathroom, a powder room, a kitchen, a living, a kitchen, a bedroom and a playroom)

As for information, we have received around 70 cad files, including all the building floor plans, from basement to the roof top, exterior elevations of the building, and tons of structural details. As you can see, most of these were not needed.

Regarding the furniture and the materials, we have received a bunch of images as reference, but without much indication regarding the precise placement of each one.

Needless to say that we lost a lot of time going through each file, in order to extract the info that we needed and make a list with what we had so far and what more we needed in order to do the job. And I forgot to mention that we also had some troubles identifying the correct interiors that we needed to do from those floor plans (since there were several types of bathrooms, living-rooms and bedrooms, and when we were initially approached for quoting on the project, we were given only hand sketches).

It may not seem like it, but this took a lot of time and several emails between us, our client and his client. Therefore, the starting of the project was delayed with about 2 weeks which inevitably brought to a deadline extension.

In conclusion, this was not a productive way to do it… I wasn’t happy because I have lost a lot of time analyzing unnecessary files, making lists, giving calls (activities that I could not ask to be paid for), my client was not happy because he was in the middle of it and his reputation in front of his client was shaking, and finally, his client wasn’t happy because he couldn’t receive the final renderings when he initially expected.

In the second part of this article I will try to cover all the details concerning the RIGHT WAY to assign a project.

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