Adding photorealistic tables sets to restaurant 3D rendering

restaurant rendering low resThe purpose of this tutorial is to show you an alternative way of adding more complex elements to 3d renderings using photoshop.
The “normal” way to do it, would be to model every object from scratch, texture it, assign materials, etc. However, there are times when some constraints such as tight deadlines or insufficient ram, won’t let you do it this way.

Here is how to add photorealistic tables sets to a 3d restaurant rendering in 6 simple steps:

1) Render the main geometry (shell and furniture) in your 3d software.

base rendering1
2) Secondly, and probably the most important step, is to take photos of an actual table set, as described in the picture bellow (click it to view a higher res image).
If you want to be be more accurate, you can even shoot the photos from distances and angles that match the data in your 3d file.


3) Next you need to crop the resulting photos, leaving only what you will need to add to your rendering.

4) One by one, drag the cropped sets on another layer above the rendering where they fit best (look at the contours of the 3d tables that you have rendered and see what cropped image will fit). You may need to skew the dragged layer just a little, but if you took enough pictures, you won’t have to modify it too much.

base image2

5)Delete the parts where the new layer intersects other elements of your rendering (like chairs, other tables, etc).

base image2

6)Use the eraser tool with delete the bottom part of the new layer and adjust the colors, levels and contrast until it matches your 3d rendering, and that’s it!


The approach is similar to the one used in the previous tutorial (adding photorealistic hedges to renderings).

  1. Wow, nice one! Thanks for posting this tutorial, I’m sure a lot of people will learn and benefit from the techniques they learned here.

  2. Dadi Dindul says:

    once again nice…..

    virtually used 3d 4 everything…….:D

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