A little bit about me… Alex MincinopschiMy name is Alex Mincinopschi, owner of 3D architecture, a company that provides architectural renderings for architects, designers, developers and for whoever might need this type of service. Around 4-5 years ago, when I started doing this on my own, I had a lot of trouble breaking into this industry. Everyone had told me that I was "good at 3d modeling", so I was confident that I could be up to the job but when I actually started working for "real" clients and not only for my portfolio, I almost sunk like the Titanic. I remember surfing the net like crazy, in search of tutorials, free 3d models, or just advices that could help improve my works. If it wasn't for the resources that I found on the internet, I most probably wouldn't even have this blog now. With a little bit of luck and a lot of help from God, i was able to pull it through, and now I own a studio, a small team of people to help me, I have enough quality clients in my portfolio and I am not "hunting" for jobs anymore. The main reason why I started this blog is because I want to give something back to the community that helped me. Actually it is a little more like a "paying forward" concept, since I am not exactly helping the same people that helped me once. So whenever I have some spare time, I will update this blog with free 3d models, textures, tutorials or any type of content that I consider useful to others. I hope you enjoy your visit and come back again!

  1. Hello Alex -
    Thanks for following my Twitter. You’ve got some awesome work here. I was the PR manager for 3ds Max for 6 years at Autodesk, and I wish I had known of your work then..

    I’m now working freelance PR – and wanted to bring your attention to two things.

    1) I’m working with a company called StudioGPU – they have a new software called “MachStudio Pro” – it’s a GPU real-time rendering and 3D workspace (for lighting, caustics, ambient occulusion, SSS stuff).
    Do you do product reviews? We’re looking for 3D artists / designers to review the speed of this software. And… based on what magazine we work with (3D World, CGW, AWN, POST, DV Mag, DesktopEngineering) we could recomend yo for the job of reviewing the software / hardward combo. Check out the site and let me know if you have interest. (http://www.studiogpu.com)

    2) I’m also working with a French company that makes a very cool autostereoscopic 3D (no-glasses) LCD display. It’s like those old post cards you could buy – and they were coated with two lenses – and when you move them, you see the image in 3D and it moves. But this is more… If you ‘re in the BAY Area, we’re having a PRESS LUNCHEON on Wednesday 27th, May – and would like to invite you. IF NOT — we’d like to tell you about a Content Producer Program – it’s a program where you get the 3ds Max script data – and tutorials on how to create “Alioscopy-ready” content for the lenticular LCD display. Website: http://www.alioscopyusa.com Thanks for the time… and hope to see you on Twitter -
    Kevin G Clark – Montreal & San Francisco

  2. Thanks Kevin!
    I’ve just sent you an email.

    Best regards,

  3. Hello Alex,
    i’m a software developer working for a 3d realtime engine solution named OL3. I’m currently creating samples to show capabilities of our engine, and searching for sample material i found your beautiful 3d models (specifically the “living room 2″ furniture). I would like to ask if it is possible to put some of your models into the sample scenes. Obviously all the credits will be specified into the sample materials. Pleas send me an email so i can explain myself better…sorry if i post the message here but i havent found your email in the blog. Thanks

  4. Hello Davide,

    Normally I’m not happy seeing my models posted somewhere else, but in your case, since your purpose is to showcase your rendering engine I have no problem with it (as long as you post links to the source, like you said).

    Best regards,

  5. qasam says:

    i really like your blog and tutorial. i have learned lot of from this site thank you and best luck

  6. Niranjan Kumar P says:

    I read your articles. it impressed me a lot. I’ll explain a little bit about me. I am a physically challenged person.( wheel chair). i have completed my diploma in architecture. But I am not sure that i will be sucessful, If i take up the profession of architecture, becoz it requires site visits, case studies etc. , which i cant do becoz of my disability. I dont want to do my profession incompletely. So i have decided to move on to architectural visualization, and I think i can have a complete hold on this profession, inspite of my disability. I have got trained in Auto CAD and 3ds max. But Iam not an expert in 3ds Max. Pls can you suggest me how can I proceed.


  7. Hello Niranjan,

    I am glad you enjoyed my blog but I am very sorry to hear about your situation.
    My honest suggestion is not to move to architectural visualization if you got your diploma in architecture. It would probably be best if you partnered with somebody that would do site visits.

    Best regards,

  8. churra says:

    I m new in 3d world, and i found your site very helpfull and interesting.
    just want to say thanks.

    best regards,

  9. Niranjan Kumar P says:

    Hi Alex,
    I am still in dilemma. can I talk to or write to you personally.


  10. @churra
    Thank you for the kind words

    You can contact me at mincialx (at) yahoo.com
    I don’t know how I could help you though…


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