Over 50 high quality free 3d models and resources

Another free 3d model for you to use in your renderings; this time a ceiling fan 3d model, suitable for renderings of livings, dining rooms, halls, lobbies, etc.

As usual the model is available in max format (version 9) and 3ds.

Download the 3d model of the ceiling fan

If you are new here, don’t miss all the other free 3d models that are available for download.  There are more than 50 3d models and textures with alpha maps, from 3d furniture models, lighting fixtures, vehicles, bathroom accessories, playground elements, kitchen appliances, etc.

You are allowed to use them in personal AND commercial projects; you just can’t redistribute them to a third party under no circumstance.

If you made a rendering that you really like and you used some of the models from cgdigest, I would be happy to hear from you and even showcase it here.
cgdigest {at} gmail {dot} com

Best regards,
Alex Mincinopschi

  1. poom says:

    thank you

  2. photonx says:

    Great model.Thank you so much.

  3. seekuntos says:

    thank you

  4. Mohd. Sajid says:

    Thnaks a lot I appreciate!!!

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