Best 45 free 3d models that you can find

Bellow is a list of 45 3d models gathered from various sites. I have only included models that are useful for architectural visualization purposes (3d cars, bathroom items, furniture, electronics, urban elements, etc.).
If you have found a quality 3d model that is not mentioned in the list feel free to post a link to it using the comments form.

1) 3d laptop model

2)  Ceremony chair

3) Escalator 3d model

4) 3D Model Mercedes C230 SC

5) Bedroom furniture 3d model

6) Bang & Olufsen telephone 3d model (model included in “demo models” zip file)

7) Aeron chair 3d model

8 ) Epson printer 3d model (model included in the “demo models” zip file)

9) Shoes 3D model

10) Ipod 3d model

11)  Glider 3d model (download the “demo models” to receive this model)

12)  3d plant model

13) Bicycle 3d model

14) Exterior scene 3d model

15) Lawnmower 3d model (download the “demo models” to receive this model)

16) Ford Mustang 1966 3d model

17) Bathtub 3d model (download the “demo models” to receive this model)

18) Excavator 3d model

19) Coca Cola bottle 3d model

20) Mitsubishi Evo 3d model

21) Office desk 3d model (download the “demo models” to receive this model)

22) Bathroom accessories 3d models

23) Tree 3d model (1)

24) Tree 3d model (2)

25) Livingroom 3d model

26) Deckchair 3d model

27) Bike 3d model

28) Nokia 3110 3d model

29) LG Monitor 3d model

30) Patio chair 3d model

31) Recycle bin 3d model (download the “demo models” to get this model)

32) Subway station 3d model

33) Pillow 3d model

34) Motorola Cellphone

35) Bed 3d model

36) Electric oven 3d model

37) Piano 3d model

38) Yamaha motorcycle 3d model

39) Armchair 3d model (1)

40) Armchair 3d model (2)

41) Corkscrew 3d model (download “demo models” to receive this model)

42) Golf Cart 3d model

43) Interior plant 3d model

44) Cigars box 3d model

45) Leather sofa 3d model